Major Update/Brief Downtime Tonight

June 29, 2012

Hello GlassFrog Users,

You might notice some brief downtime tonight starting around 9 pm Eastern, when we're scheduled to deploy a major update to GlassFrog that will rearrange the look and feel of each Circle's page into a tab-oriented view. We're also very excited to be adding GlassFrog support for Tactical Meetings, including a project corkboard. Among other things, you'll soon see a new Circle view, a "Projects" tab, and a new "Open Meeting: Tactical" button. Support for metrics and checklists will appear in future updates.
For user support and guidance to ease adoption and catalyze benefits from this exciting new functionality, just contact us with any questions.
Warm wishes, and enjoy!

Deborah Boyar

GlassFrog Account Manager

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